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What We Can Offer


Miiodesign will take your brief and turn it into your perfect design concept by offering you contemporary and original ideas to improve your project and make your dream a reality. After one meeting, you will receive an initial presentation displaying examples of designs in scaled floor plans and sketches. After all elements of design have been finalised and we have made sure that your initial scheme has been explored and developed as much as possible, you will receive a final presentation to really let you visualise your project.

Planning Permission

Firstly, miiodesign will inform you on whether planning permission is required for your project during your first consultation with us, which is free and can be organized at your property. We will also guide you using our first hand experience and can even submit a planning application on your behalf.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations in England & Wales set standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the health and safety of people in and around those structures, but they are also set in place to ensure the conservation of fuel and power and to provide people with the appropriate amenities, including those that have disabilities or any other issue. Miiodesign will provide full details for you with regulation drawings and construction notes, making complete plans and building applications on your behalf.

Rear Extension

The rear extension designs that we offer are very popular with our customers as they create extra space and living areas for your home. Miiodesign will use our expertise and experience to design a layout and carefully advise materials, furniture and color schemes to give you a unique extension that is perfect for your needs.

Loft Conversion

With miiodesign you can transform your flat into a luxurious and envied maisonette or add an entire level to your property, giving it a unique feel and atmosphere. We will ensure that your conversion is carried out in an excellently planned and prepared manner that will meet all of your need

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